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Oxiteno’s Statement About COVID-19 | January 2022

Posted in: 27 January, 2022

2021 ended on a high note with the vaccine, but a warning of possible variants of COVID-19, which kept us alert to sanitary protocols, as we saw another wave of rapid contagion spread around the world. This announcement, then, begins in the hope that everyone is well and protected.

The worsening of the pandemic in recent weeks has led to more restrictive measures to keep our employees and our continued business safe. In this context, we have reinforced preventive measures and health protocols in plants and increased the number of administrative employees working from home.

Aware of the importance of our products to the essential chemical chain to society, we are continuously monitoring our supply chain to ensure the availability of raw materials. The absenteeism index has been fluctuating since the beginning of January, having been monitored very closely, and there has been no impact on the continuity of our operations.

Fortunately, due to the high immunization rates across the company, we have a considerable reduction in the number of people in preventive quarantine, and even positive cases of COVID-19 have shown milder symptoms, with shorter health recovery time and faster return to work, following all the protocols discussed with the medical area.

We have announced the initiatives and practices adopted since the beginning of the pandemic. And following this premise, we make special mention here of significant efforts to protect the workplace, in addition to health and safety recommendations that have been reinforced:

• We have ordered all administrative employees (full, or hybrid in some cases) – to work from home – only people in essential roles can be in the production units and offices at this time.
• We are involved in Security Dialogues with all the areas about the new COVID-19 variant and safe conduct for all the shifts.
• Live streams with the corporate medical area, integrated with local medical areas (units), to answer questions and reinforce care regarding the new COVID-19 variant and influenza.
• Improving signage in care areas (visual communication) and weekly internal communication bulletins.

Our teams are constantly monitoring the risks and impacts caused by the pandemic or which may impact the supply chain. We are confident in the continuity of the operation and production, planning for any more critical levels of absenteeism.

Our partnerships with our suppliers and clients are based on transparent communication. The COVID-19 pandemic and its effects will impact the world for a long time. We remain optimistic that we will overcome the challenges and achieve a promising future together.

Best regards

Anna Paula Abujamra Dacar