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Indorama Ventures IOD wins another Kurt Politzer Technology Award 

For the ninth time, Indorama Ventures IOD wins the Kurt Politzer Technology Award in the Company category, this time with the “OXISENSE® H 1000” project, a natural and biodegradable green hydrotrope for the Home & Personal Care segment. 

With its results announced on December 4, during the Annual Meeting of the Chemical Industry (ENAIQ) 2023, the Kurt Politzer is considered one of the most relevant national awards in the chemistry market and aims to recognize technological innovation projects focused on this area. 

“It is always very gratifying to see all our effort and commitment recognized in one of the most relevant awards in the chemical field in Brazil, such as the Kurt Politzer. Winning, for another year, reinforces our commitment to the company’s purpose: reimagining chemistry together to build a better world”, says Andrea Soares, Vice President of Business, Marketing and Innovation IOD, who was present at the awards ceremony. 

In addition, Indorama Ventures was also represented by the presence of Renata Haenel (Director of IOD Innovation), Silmar Barrios (Director of Marketing and R&D of the Home & Personal Care IOD segment) and André Palma (R&D Manager of the segment of Home & Personal Care IOD). 

The winning project reinforces the company’s commitment to developing sustainable chemical solutions: OXISENSE® H 1000 is a hydrotrope from vegetable sources and 100% renewable, safe for human health and the environment. In the field of cleaning products used in heavy cleaning and degreasing applications, formulations are based on mixtures of non-ionic surfactants with high levels of alkaline electrolytes. The development of such formulations brings the challenge of how to make these ingredients compatible to obtain a stable system. 

“We have a dedicated R&D and Marketing team to develop relevant and innovative projects that impact our customers and the entire national and global Home & Personal Care segment. And this dedication culminated in today’s award”, highlights Silmar Barrios. 

With OXISENSE® H 1000, Indorama Ventures invested in the development of a product that has the property of being simultaneously cold processable (generating energy savings, as it eliminates the need for heating), water-free (avoiding consumption, transportation and water storage, reducing the emission of greenhouse gases) and free from phosphates and any other phosphorus derivative (avoiding eutrophication of water bodies such as rivers and lakes). 

For Renata Haenel, “we are very proud of our trajectory in the Kurt Politzer Award! We have been recognized in this award for more than 10 years and this year’s result further reinforces our consistent performance in Innovability (Innovation + Sustainability)”. 

ENAIQ 2023 

The 28th edition of the Chemical Industry Annual Meeting was held on December 4th, at the WTC – Teatro, in São Paulo. Indorama Ventures was a sponsor of the event, which featured a full agenda of lectures and conversations about expectations for the future of the Chemical Industry. 

Find out more at the link: https://www.enaiq.org.br/

Kurt Politzer Technology Award 

Launched in 2001 by Abiquim, the Kurt Politzer Technology Award recognizes technological innovation projects in the chemical area that demonstrate the inventiveness and creativity of companies and researchers in Brazil. The name of the Award is a tribute to doctor and chemistry professor Kurt Politzer, considered one of the most important characters in the history of chemistry in the country. 

Over the years, around 30 companies have been awarded. The winning projects of the Kurt Politzer Technology Prize are always announced at ENAIQ, held between November and December of each year.