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More beautiful, lighter, and healthier curly, frizzy hair with OXISENSE® S 0440

Posted in: 16 August, 2022.

Hair is an important part of body aesthetics and is associated with the expression of a person’s personality, creed, or ethnicity, which is expressed with force or subtlety, though different haircuts, styles, or colors. The profound relationship between hair, personality, and self-esteem means the style chosen for hair represents our thoughts and lifestyles, and changes as we grow.

The hairstyle we chose can also connect to our ancestry, keeping alive the empowerment this connection provides and expressing it to the world. When we choose a specific style, whether natural or modified, we are transmitting to the world who we are, and this explains why hair is often seen not only as a sign of external beauty, but also as a reflection of our identity.

Regardless of the choice of hairstyle, everyone wants to look beautiful and healthy.  Some types of hair are more susceptible to dryness and suffer the effects of daily damage more than others – such as curly hair, and – especially – frizzy hair – due to its natural characteristics, which are much more fragile.  There are structural differences between curly, frizzy, and straight hair. The hair strands of naturally curly and frizzy hair have thinner cuticles, with fewer layers, which explains, in part, its fragility. In addition, it is less elastic, more porous, and has a lower degree of hydration.

Such hair, then, needs special attention because no one wants to look in the mirror and see damaged hair, especially when research conducted by Intel in 2020 showed that most adults in Brazil and the USA have non-straight hair (types 2/3/4).  What is expected is beautiful hair, while enjoying good times in life, such as sunny days at the beach, or a dip in the pool. But what is beautiful, stylish hair? It is, first of all, healthy hair. Soft, easy-to-comb hair, no strands with split ends, no dry or opaque hair, or hair that is rough to the touch, porous, or excessively frizzy. Beautiful hair is healthy, strong, dry, and shiny.

Focused on market trends looking for minimalist formulas, with fewer ingredients, which are sustainable, provide high-performance conditioning, and which define curls and reduce frizz, Oxiteno developed OXISENSE® S 0440. This solution is based on a unique combination of moisturizers and emollients. It reduces, or replaces, other conditioning agents, such as cationic surfactants and silicones, which thicken hair and make it look heavy.

Compatible with all classes of surfactant, OXISENSE® S 0440 is liquid at room temperature, easy to handle and can be incorporated without excessive heating. This innovative conditioning agent allows the preparation of transparent formulations with pleasant, smooth, light, and non-oily sensory features.

Already available for client formulations, OXISENSE® S 0440 incorporates the concept of “skinification,” using care routines and components used for skin. The results are better combability, intense shine, lightness, curl definition, hydrated strands, and controlled frizz.

Oxiteno has suggestions for mild formulations that serve consumers needs in terms of well-being and sensory experiences. One is the Antifrizz Leave-on conditioner, but OXISENSE® S 0440 can also be used in a full line for curly and frizzy hair, such as 2-in-1 shampoos, leave-on treatments, masks, combing cream, and day-after formulas.

In OXISENSE® S 0440, consumers returning to salons findmore complete and robust self-care products, offering high quality and lower cost, which can continue professional treatment at home.

OXISENSE® S 0440 is a solution to keep curly and frizzy hair healthy, beautiful, and stylish. All in one ingredient.


Technical details on OXISENSE® S 0440 and more information about personal care are available here

See the suggested Antifrizz Leave-on formulation with OXISENSE® S 0440.