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Oxiteno is recognized for the fifth consecutive time in the Oxygenated Solvents category by the Tintas & Vernizes quality survey

Posted in: 20 January, 2021.

Oxiteno has once again been recognized as the best provider of high-quality solutions to clients and partners, according to the quality survey carried out by Tintas & Vernizes magazine, which recognizes the best suppliers, distributors, and producers in the sector. The survey was answered by professionals in the paint industry, who evaluated companies that deliver the best quality products in 30 categories.

Given the expert knowledge of its professionals dedicated to the Coatings market, Oxiteno provides excellent solutions and a complete portfolio of formulations for different applications and coatings.

In its portfolio of Oxygenated Solvents, the company has in recent years launched its latest generation of molecules derived from propanol, composed of ethers and esters, which offer superior performance in application and are an alternative to propylene glycol ethers that serve various segments, such as automotive, industrial paints, wood paints and printing (rotogravure and flexography). The line has a low odor, high solvency power, and a Health, Safety, and Environment concept.

The ULTRASOLVE® H and ULTRASOLVE ® M lines enable us to serve different needs among formulators in various markets. Our competitive technologies play a crucial role in controlling the solubility of resins and the drying rate for coatings, strongly influencing the final properties of the finish and ensuring efficiency in applications and the film’s proper appearance after application. 

Oxiteno thanks all its clients and partners for this recognition in oxygenated solvents and will continue to contribute to people’s well-being through chemistry.