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Oxiteno wins the Kurt Politzer Technology and Innovation Award for the seventh time

Posted in: 12 March, 2021.

The project on a coalescent derived from 100% renewable sources, which results in high performance, durable zero VOC coatings, wins the Kurt Politzer Technology and Innovation award in the Companies category.

Oxiteno, a leader in the production of surfactants and specialty chemicals throughout the Americas, has won in the Company Category, for the seventh time, the Kurt Politzer Technology and Innovation Award with a project for the coatings segment. The virtual ceremony took place on December 4th , during the Annual Chemical Industry (ENAIQ) Meeting, held by the Brazilian Chemical Industry Association (Abiquim).

The winning project: “The formulation of architectural paints in accordance with European Directive 2004/42/EC and Green Seal Standard GS-11, with high performance and durability, increasing coating life through the use of a film forming agent from a renewable source.” The product, ULTRAFILM® 5000, is a coalescent molecule derived from 100% renewable sources that yields high performance and zero Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) coatings.

After five years of extensive research involving specialists dedicated to Oxiteno’s coatings market the coalescent was developed and designed to meet the primary needs of the market. The technology assists paint manufacturers in the challenge to get their formulations to comply with regulations, without losing durability and other important properties throughout the life of the product, such as color, brightness and water resistance.

According to Silmar Barrios, Head of Global Business for Coatings at Oxiteno, reduced VOCs in formulations have been one of Oxiteno’s requirements in product development for the most diverse applications. The coalescent ULTRAFILM® 5000 is one of these new solutions developed by the company that has attributes aligned with various sustainability measures, such as being APE-free (ethoxylated alkylphenol-free products) and HSE friendly. Due to its high level of compatibility, the solution ensures a highly efficient paint film formation. The result then presents a superior finish and higher resistance to water and washability, as well as a reduced tendency to leaching and dirt pick-up, mainly in exterior paints.

“This award underscores Oxiteno’s commitment to innovation and sustainability. In partnership with our clients, we aim to develop solutions with a high level of technology, efficiency, and less of an impact on people and the environment,” says Silmar.

The project entered for the Kurt Politzer Technology and Innovation Award was presented by professionals from the Coatings segment in the company: Fabrício Guilhermino Pereira, R&D manager; Fábio Rosa, technical assistance manager; Rafael Caldato, researcher; Claudia Gabriela Cruz, development engineer; Raquel da Silva, researcher; Natalia Freitas, research technician; Irena Ramos, field marketing analyst; Marina Passarelli, researcher, and Juliane Santos, an R&D specialist at Oxiteno and in charge of the research.

In addition to Oxiteno’s employees, the project included a contribution from the National Nanotechnology Laboratory (LNNano), the National Center for Research in Energy and Materials (CNPEM), and GP2 – the Pollution Prevention Group at the Polytechnic School, University of São Paulo.

About the award
The Kurt Politzer Technology Award, launched in December 2001 by Abiquim, fosters research and innovation in the chemical area in Brazil, recognizing technological innovation projects in the chemical area that demonstrate the inventiveness and creativity of companies and researchers. The award was named after Kurt Politzer in 2011, a more than deserved tribute to this doctor and chemistry professor who collaborated for about 30 years with Abiquim. Considered one of the most important people in the history of Brazilian chemistry, Kurt Politzer was on the Board of Directors of Abiquim and coordinated the Technology Commission. In addition to promoting methodologies and training, the award also encourages innovation centers in the chemical industry. Over the years, about 30 companies and 20 researchers have won awards. The winners are announced at the Annual Meeting of the Chemical Industry (ENAIQ), held in November and December of each year.