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Easy-to-incorporate conditioning agent for hair care

Chemical factors, physical and environmental agents, such as high temperatures from blow dryers, excessive straightening, pollution, and exposure to the sun make hair prone to frizz. OXISENSE® S 0440 was developed to control the undesirable effects of frizz and reduce the damage done to hair, leaving it softer and smoother, with a pleasant, non-greasy sensory feel. Inspired by the diversity of Brazilian hair types, the solution is based on a unique combination of moisturizers and emollients.

OXISENSE® S 0440 allows the reduction or replacement of other conditioning agents, such as cationic surfactants and silicones, which cause the strands to get greasy, giving a heavy and greasy look. Compliant with all grades of surfactants, it is liquid at room temperature, easy to handle, and incorporate cold, enabling transparent formulations, free of preservatives, with a pleasant and non-greasy sensory feel. Among the applications are shampoos, conditioners, treatment masks, combing cream, 2-in-1 shampoos, and leave-on conditioner.

Several tests were carried out to prove the benefits of the product, such as the use of 0.2% of OXISENSE® S 0440 in the conditioner formulation, which delivered greater control of the frizz and maintenance of the performance of the formulation regarding combing and smooth / moisturize feel. The benefit is confirmed even with a 25% reduction in the total cationic surfactant and without the addition of guar hydroxypropyltrimonium chloride, compared to the control formulation.


  • Shampoos;
  • Conditioners;
  • Treatment masks;
  • Combing cream;
  • 2-in-1 shampoos;
  • Leave-on conditioner.


  • Anti-frizz;
  • Provides hair moisturizing and conditioning;
  • Enables the reduction of cationic surfactants and polymers;
  • Complaint with all grades of surfactants;
  • Boosts high transparency in formulations;
  • Dermatologically tested;
  • Free of preservatives;
  • Pleasant sensory, not greasy feel;
  • Easy handling and cold incorporation.