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Green emollients for different sensory profiles

The OXISMOOTH® line comprises three different emollient esters. Each of them (OXISMOOTH® CO, OXISMOOTH® CP, and OXISMOOTH® ST) has been designed to provide different sensory profiles in a wide range of applications from personal care products, to skincare, hair, male cosmetics, baby care, and others.

The line is made from 100% renewable sources: isoamyl alcohol from sugarcane, and other oleochemical derivatives to create innovative and sustainable formulations. Certified by the COSMOS-standard, the line is not phototoxic or cytotoxic. Its properties also allow the replacement of silicones in different formulations, contributing to the sustainability of the end product.

The general benefits of these solutions are moisturizing, conditioning properties, high spreadability, and fast absorption, pleasant sensory feel, non-greasy, preservative-free, easy handling, and incorporation, suitable for all cosmetic formulations.

Product line:

OXISMOOTH® CO: Natural-based conditioning agent that replaces silicone in skin and hair formulations.

OXISMOOTH® CP: Green emollient with high spreadability and fast absorption.

OXISMOOTH® ST: Green emollient with high spreadability, low tack and an excellent alternative to mineral oils


  • Creams and lotions;
  • Hair treatment ;
  • Deodorant;
  • Baby care;
  • Hair dyes.


  • 100% renewable source ;
  • COSMOS – ECOCERT certified;
  • Easy handling and cold incorporation;
  • Moisturizing and conditioning properties;
  • High spreadability and fast absorption;
  • Pleasant sensory feel, not oily;
  • Preservative-free;
  • High compatibility.