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Low toxicity lubricant developed to tackle very high salt concentration in completion brines.

On reaching the reservoir area, drilling fluid is replaced by completion fluid. Concentrated brines are commonly used in these pre-production stages, as they are cleaner fluids that have a lower impact on productivity of the oil extraction area. To reduce the cost of completion, the lubricant to be added to this brine must be soluble and optimize the lowering process of the completion equipment and production tubing, reducing the friction between these systems as much as possible.

ULTRAFLUID® LB S10C is effective in increasing the lubricity of various types of saturated completion brine, such as KCl, NaCl, CaCl2, and CaBr2. The accuracy of the formulation’s ethoxylation grade enables the lubricant to remain soluble and stable, even under such severe salinity conditions.

ULTRAFLUID® LB S10C comprises non-ionic surfactants, which have better synergy with other chemical components in completion fluid formulations and help reduce the likelihood of emulsion formation – common in situations where the reservoir oil contacts water-based fluids.



  • Non-toxic, low environmental impact
  • Additive to reduce emulsion and grease formation in drilling fluid
  • Very low impact on the turbidity of water-based completion fluids
  • Stable at different salinity levels