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Innovation at Oxiteno
Innovation comes from chemistry, and it is in Oxiteno's DNA.

From the beginning, Oxiteno has invested in the development of highly qualified technical staff and research and development infrastructure. At Oxiteno, innovation exists on every layer and in every direction. This is what has supported the company's evolution to date and enables us to develop robust plans for the future of the company.

Oxiteno has dedicated R&D areas for each of the markets it operates in, as well as a product technology center. This technical structure is accompanied by an innovation and project management structure that ensures that innovation is supported throughout the company. This approach provides an integrated vision that includes governance, reliable processes, an intellectual property strategy, and more.

The company integrates with the external ecosystem through its Open Innovation Programs, which operate in partnership with other large companies, startups, science and engineering institutes, and universities, facilitating the continuous development of manufacturable, sustainable, and customized solutions to meet commercial requirements.