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Versatile molecule designed to meet various technologies in architectural paints

In water-based architectural paint formulations, coalescents play a key role in the latex film formation process. These molecules mainly act in the final stage of particle coalescence.

To improve film formation performance, the coalescent ensures a continuous and homogeneous formation of paint film in various conditions of temperature and humidity. Therefore, the result is superior finish and higher resistance to water, in addition to less likelihood of leaching (color staining) and dirt pick-up.

The ULTRAFILM® 5000 coalescent results from more than five years of extensive research involving the marketing, R&D, and process teams. Designed to be versatile in various paint technologies and to have greater compatibility with resins, ULTRAFILM® 5000 enables the development of low-odor and low-VOC formulations and is highly efficient in reducing MFFT. The coalescent is suitable for all major latexes used in architectural paint formulations.

Due to its high compatibility, ULTRAFILM® 5000 ensures a highly efficient film formation. Therefore, the result features a superior finish and higher resistance to water and scrub, in addition to less likelihood of leaching and dirt pick-up, especially in exterior paints.

Why choose the ULTRAFILM® 5000 coalescent?

  • Low VOC;
  • High compatibility with several latex options available in the market;
  • Superior performance by reducing MFFT at a lower dosage;
  • Superior resistance to dirt pick-up;
  • Better hardness evolution performance;
  • Reduction of the use of thickeners;
  • Low odor;
  • Improves resistance to leaching.