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High-performance lubricant created from extremely low-toxicity ester. 

Concerns about the environment and safety have challenged the industry to develop new products that can combine high performance and biodegradability. In this scenario, Oxiteno has developed a new high-performance lubricant for water-based drilling fluids.
ULTRAFLUID® LB P 10 provides high lubricity for water-based fluids (WBM), being able to reduce friction between equipment even in extreme situations, with directional drilling in land or sea exploration. As a result of this reduction, the operating time is reduced, and the service life of the drill string is increased. ULTRAFLUID® LB P10 is also non-toxic and therefore has a low environmental impact.

When drilling with water-based fluids, especially in wells with a high degree of inclination and directional wells, the high torque between the drill pipe and the rock formation drilled results in several limitations and potential damage to equipment. The reduction in the rate of penetration (ROP), the premature wear of the equipment, the risk of column arrest by pressure differential are some examples of issues that strongly impact the productive time and, consequently, have an economic impact on the construction of the well.

The benefit of this innovation is its formulation, which provides the formation of a concise film on the metallic surface of the controls and drill, ensuring the right amount of friction and reducing the risk of differential sticking and equipment wear, leading to higher efficiency for the entire operation. Finally, it has a high concentration of active, ensuring excellent performance even at a low dosage, resulting in environmental and logistical gains throughout the process.


  • Provides better drilling performance by reducing the friction coefficient (CoF);
  • Increases the rate of penetration;
  • Increases the service life of the drill string;
  • Contributes to the prevention of corrosion;
  • Does not impact rheological behavior;
  • Non-toxic, low environmental impact;
  • Readily dispersible in any fluid system.