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ULTRAWET® 70 Non-emulsifier

High-performance additive that prevents hydrocarbon fluids from mixing with the injected fluids.

During stimulation operations, water, oil, and acid-based fluids are injected into the well, filling the formation pores and reaching the oil reservoirs. Depending on the intensity of the flow and the conditions applied, these fluids can interact with the oil to form viscous emulsions, causing several problems in the reservoir and, ultimately, a drop in oil production.

This product was specially developed to avoid the formation of emulsion in oil wells before the production phase. Because it is BTEX-free, with low toxicity and neutral pH, it can be used as an emulsion preventive additive in both completion and stimulation fluids.

Due to its proprietary composition, the ULTRAWET® 70 is a non-ionic surfactant and solvent formulation that acts as a protection in the layer between the oil and the fluid, preventing emulsion formation. The addition of ULTRAWET® 70 to completion, fracturing, or acidifying fluids helps maintain its properties, reduces its surface tension, improves reflux performance, and protects oil in the reservoir. Recommended dosages range from 0.1% to 0.5% by volume of the final formulation.


  • Non-toxic in the aquatic environment;
  • Recommended for offshore use;
  • High efficiency in phase separation;
  • Fast separation kinetics;
  • Compliant with completion and stimulation fluids;
  • Applicable to a wide range of oils.