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Guaranteed quality in different phases and increased productivity in oil recovery.

During the production of hydrocarbons, emulsion is formed by the natural emulsifying agents in petroleum, as well as water and sediments, affecting quality, productivity, and process cost. The use of chemical additives in the treatment of the fluids produced is essential to ensure the quality of the oil produced.

ULTROIL® EB 3020 assists in the oil dehydration process by breaking down the stable emulsion between the aqueous and oily phases. In addition to acting in the disruption of the forces that keep the emulsion stable, it also improves the quality of the separated water. This is why ULTROIL® EB 3020 is considered to be a hybrid product, because it is effective in oil dehydration and in water and interface quality. It is also recommended for oils with wide API grade range and can be used in offshore and onshore processes.

This demulsifier is part of the alkoxylated polyols family and is highly recommended for the production segment within the oil industry.



  • Increased oil production
  • Reduction of costs in the oil treatment process
  • Prevents high viscosity problems arising from residual emulsion and risks of corrosion in pipes caused by oil dehydration
  • Widely used in oils with different API grades
  • Nonylphenol-free product
  • Hybrid product acting in both oil and water
  • Drastically decreases the salinity of the oil