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Low-VOC Technologies for High-Performance Waterborne Coatings Developed by Oxiteno

Posted in: June 10, 2021

Oxiteno is always alert to trends and needs of the coatings industry. Currently, there is greater demand for better quality products with superior performance. At the same time, the company sees a growing concern about environmental impact caused by VOCs (volatile organic compounds) emissions.

Water-based coating is a useful low-VOC technology from environmental and economic aspects. However, one of the main detriments to this technology is the inferior durability when compared against solvent borne coatings, mainly caused by water sensitivity of the coating due to the excess of hydrophilic species.

Oxiteno’s coalescing agents and emulsifiers were developed to deliver superior performance and meet or exceed the environmental requirements set by the industry’s regulations. These solutions enable the formulation of coatings with a higher resistance to dirt pick-up, better film formation, and improved leaching resistance. Its new coalescing agent, ULTRAFILM® 5000, allows the formulation of paints with reduced VOC without compromising dirt pick-up resistance while increasing water resistance and aiding the reduction of surfactant leaching. Furthermore, the emulsifiers that comprise the OXIMULSION® 9000 series are employed in the emulsification of alkyd resins that are used as binders in near zero VOC enamels and primers.

Oxiteno is further expanding its portfolio in emulsifiers with the development of a new surfactant technology that will aid the synthesis of latex with greater resistance to leaching. Oxiteno’s new low VOC technologies for high performance waterborne coatings were the topic of the latest PCI magazine.

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