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OXISENSE® R 1051: health, beauty, and style for hair in a single ingredient

Posted in: July 25, 2022

Whether you prefer black, straight, long, blond, curly and short, hair is more than just aesthetics, it’s a form of expression.  It communicates desire, self-esteem, and strength. It reveals one’s personality, principles, and culture. It identifies with a sense of belonging or could help to spark a social movement. But most often, it can also be a symbol of beauty.

Whatever type, length, or color, hair is subjected to daily treatments and routines that damage its structure and impact its health. Chemical- (discoloration, dyeing, straightening), mechanical- (washing, combing, texturizing) and thermal- (flat irons, dryers) treatments are accelerated by the process of natural aging, being subjected to pollution and exposure to ultraviolet radiation.   Consequences of combining these ‘treatments’ with aging or exposure can range from the mild to the severe.

Nobody wants to look in the mirror and see damaged hair. We want to maintain a beautiful appearance and have the freedom to transform our hair without restriction or fear.  We want to enjoy the good times of life, such as sunny days on a beach, or a dip in a pool, while knowing that we can trust that our hair will remain healthy.

But what constitutes to a beautiful and stylish hair? First and foremost, it is healthy hair.  Soft, easy-to-comb hair that does not have no split ends, nor dry or opaque hair, nor rough to the touch, porous or frizzy strands. On the contrary, beautiful hair has healthy, strong, dry, and shiny strands. To ensure health, beauty, and style we must have a routine to reset and maintain nutrients, proteins and hydration lost to different elements, especially chemical treatments.

The good news is that the hair care industry continually works to offer innovative products to serve consumer needs and desires, with formulas that deliver well-being, care, and pleasant sensory experiences. A lot of solutions now incorporate the concept of “skinification” – that is, using proper hair-care routines, coupled with the proper ingredients that are in tune with the body. Consumers, returning to salons, can also find more complete and robust self-care products, with high quality at a lower cost, being able to continue salon treatment at home.

Focused on market trends for more minimalist, sustainable, high-performance hair repair and protection formulas, Oxiteno has developed OXISENSE® R 1051, a conditioning booster capable of delivering damage repair and protection benefits.  Thanks to a unique technology that ensures greater hair deposition and substance, OXISENSE® R 1051 is an innovative and silicone-free alternative for the market.  This new ingredient aims to trim the surface of damaged hair, seal cuticles, improve combability, and retain proteins from inside the hair strands. Laboratory tests have demonstrated its ability to reduce breakage by up to 84%, providing two and a half times more protection and making hair three times stronger.

Now available for client formulations, OXISENSE® R 1051 is biodegradable, dermatologically tested, and easy to incorporate into the entire line of hair products. It can also be applied in complete lines, such as shampoo, conditioner, mask treatments, and serums.

The Oxiteno team has also developed a proposal for vial to be mixed with a mask treatment if consumers prefer to customize their conditioning formula. With OXISENSE® R 1051, you can now have healthy, beautiful, and stylish hair. All in one ingredient.


Technical details about OXISENSE® R 1051 and other Oxiteno solutions for personal care are available at https://oxiteno.com/us/en/market/personal-care/

There follow suggested formulations using OXISENSE® R 1051, which also connect to the OXISMOOTH® line.