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Indorama Ventures announces the promotion of biosurfactants to the Americas.

Posted in: June 6, 2023

The Company will promote a line of biosurfactants produced from renewable resources to meet the growing demand for products with a lower environmental impact in the Home & Personal Care market.

Indorama Ventures unveils this week at NYSCC its new line of biosurfactants: SURFONIC® BIO. The line offers low toxicity, mildness, and biodegradability benefits and is obtained by a sustainable process. In addition, the line has synergy with other classes of conventional surfactants and can be used as a primary or secondary surfactant in the formulations.

Thomas Stephens, Home & Personal Care Marketing Manager at Indorama Ventures, says, “The Home and Personal Care market is increasingly concerned about reducing its environmental impact and seeking raw materials from renewable sources, combining these concerns with Indorama Ventures’ leadership in surfactants in the Americas, we have the perfect match to promote the biosurfactants line in the region. The SURFONIC® BIO line offers differentiation for formulations because, in addition to being mild, it is biodegradable and has low toxicity.”

Stephens adds that the promotion reinforces the commitment to provide more sustainable solutions to the market. “Indorama Ventures has increasingly dedicated its efforts to develop products with a smaller environmental footprint.” 

The Company’s 2030 sustainability plan aims to deliver a positive environmental and social impact, developing solutions aligned with the needs of society in partnership with customers. To achieve this result through the product portfolio, the Home & Personal Care division has three crucial pillars: reducing environmental impact through the development of biodegradable solutions; the efficient use of resources, creating solutions that minimize waste; and the increased use of natural raw materials and processes through a commitment to the global pact and sustainability-related standards throughout the value chain.