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Footbaths – a solution that combines self-care and sustainability

Posted in: 25 March, 2022

They carry the total weight of our bodies. They spend hours in shoes that are not always comfortable and do not always get exclusive attention in the daily routine of self-care. However, recently, a habit, associated with older generations, and full of benefits has gained favor among the most modern consumers.

The importance of self-care, from having a balanced diet to using cosmetics, taking in physical exercise, and psychological attention, is crucial to living a healthy life. In 2020, with the Covid-19 pandemic and the restrictions imposed by it, the level of stress and anxiety increased, making self-care practices more important but at the same time, more difficult. Self-care practices had to modified and performed primarily in our homes.

This also meant that habits, most commonly found in previous generations, re-emerged. One of which is the footbath, with its many benefits in terms of relaxation. This refreshing experience has gained a new following recently and has found its place in commonly practiced self-care routines. Footbaths require water at the ideal temperature and, as there are not so many options in the market, a combination of products such as soaps, moisturizers, essential oils, and salts.

Considering this, Oxiteno’s Personal Care area used its expertise and portfolio of ingredients with sensory benefits to develop a foot bath salt formulation. The formulation combines desired main attributes, such as hydration, solubilization in warm water, fragrance, and exfoliation.

And, in addition to sensory benefits, the formulation is sustainable. Being a solid, the product is only diluted in water at the time of use, saving water during production and energy during transportation. It is light and requires less transport, which reduces CO2 emissions compared to pre-diluted formulations.

The issue of sustainability for the formulation is also included in the list of ingredients:  emollient esters in the OXISMOOTH® line.  They are of 100% natural origin, versatile, and can be used in different products. They are made from a residue from ethanol production: fusel oil. The inclusion of this raw material contributes to the circular economy.

Thanks to its team of experts and complete Research & Development structure, Oxiteno combines the objectives of its strategic sustainability plan, which includes using renewable raw materials and saving resources serving consumer needs. So, the company offers its clients customized solutions that make a difference in the final product.

Using high performance and versatile ingredients, such as OXISMOOTH®, the beauty industry can develop bar shampoos and conditioners – which we have talked about previously. For further information, please go to https://oxiteno.com/uy/en/formulating-shampoo-in-bars/ – in addition to body exfoliating cream and a pink salt foot bath formulation.  The exfoliating cream removes dead cells and makes the skin feel velvety smooth. This combination provides a moment of coziness and a sensory experience ensured by the OXISMOOTH line®.  Ensuring physical and mental health care for everyday life, with a cool head but warm, soft, healthy feet, ready for another day.

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