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Conditioning booster

OXISENSE® R 1051 reduces hair breakages by up to 84%, provides 2.5 times more protection from future damage, and makes hair three times stronger.

OXISENSE R 1051 is a new, high-performance solution that promotes cuticle sealing and prevents the loss of proteins, which are essential for the recovery of damaged hair. The solution delivers excellent results and can be applied in various hair care products, such as shampoos, conditioners, styling creams, treatment masks, etc.

Constructing one’s hairstyle is critical to the expression of identity and individuality.  However, this construction can come at a cost.  Frequent exposure to chemical processes, such as discoloration and dye, or mechanical treatments, such as brushing and drying, damage the hair, making it opaque and difficult to brush

In its natural state, hair surrounded by a hydrophobic layer of fatty acids. Over time, chemical and mechanical treatments remove this layer and expose the surface of the hair. This makes the cuticles irregular, which makes the hair opaquer and more difficult to brush. This exposure to chemical agents and other treatments can also damage the cuticle to the point of exposing the cortex, causing the loss of essential proteins, resulting in hair that is more susceptible to breakage.

OXISENSE® R 1051 was developed to repair hair. The cationic polymers within OXISENSE® R 1051 anchor to the hair’s surface, forming a layer that restores the cuticles and protects the cortex, preventing the loss of these essential proteins.

Studies carried out by Oxiteno have proven that the use of formulations containing OXISENSE® R 1051 results in an 84% reduction in the breakage of hair and makes hair three times stronger, when compared to the same product without the solution. The active ingredient also reduces the loss of essential proteins in hair by up to 60%, providing 2.5 times more protection against future damage. Additionally, OXISENSE® R 1051 acts as a detangler, requiring 47% less force when brushing.

Description: Instrumental test: SEM (Scanning Electron Microscopy).  Tested formulations: Shampoo (9.5% SLES, 2.5% CAPB, 2% OXISENSE®  R 1051); Conditioner (4% Cetearyl Alcohol, 2% BTAC, 1% OXISENSE®  R 1051).


  • Shampoo;
  • Conditioner;
  • Leave-on;
  • Combing cream;
  • Treatment mask;
  • Spray;
  • Sum;
  • Ampoule.


  • Repair and sealing of cuticle;
  • Hair 3 times stronger;
  • 2.5 times more protection against futuredamage;
  • Reduces wire breakage by84%;
  • Reduction of up to 60% in the loss of essential proteins for hair;
  • 47% less force to untangle when combing.