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Oxiteno presents “A New Coalescing Agent for High-Performance Waterborne Paint” Webinar at Specialchem platform

Posted in: 2020, October 1

Low-VOC waterborne paints usually result in tacky paint films with lower hardness and dirt pick-up resistance due to the usage of high-boiling-point coalescents. This is not the case for the new coalescing agent developed by Oxiteno. Marina Chieregati Passarelli, Technical Service & Development Specialist at Oxiteno, will present the webinar, “A new coalescing agent for high-performance waterborne paint” at the SpecialChem Platform, on November 19. The presentation will highlight the properties of the new ULTRAFILM® 5000 series, such as the delivery of superior performance while meeting environmental demands.

The webinar will explore the effect of the low-VOC coalescents on latex film formation, hardness evolution, accelerated dirt pick-up resistance, and surfactant leaching of waterborne paints, and compare it with traditional coalescents.

One way to view film formation is by using atomic force microscopy (AFM) images. The images of styrene-acrylic and pure acrylic latexes containing 4 wt% of different coalescents show that low-VOC coalescents result in films that are more coalesced and smoother than standard high-VOC coalescents. The new low-VOC coalescent results in semigloss paints with higher hardness evolution and better dirt pick-up resistance than commercial low-VOC coalescents and similar to standard high-VOC coalescent.

Flat paints formulated with this low-VOC coalescent dried in harsh conditions presented lower surfactant leaching in comparison to those formulated with standard high-VOC coalescents. This suggests that there is a correlation between surfactant leaching and film formation assessed through AFM.

Webinar link: “A new coalescing agent for high-performance waterborne paint”

Speaker: Marina Chieregati Passarelli, Technical Service & Development Specialist at Oxiteno
Date: November 19
Time: 11:00 AM

(Houston, US | GTM -5) Abstract: Waterborne paints have been used in the decorative business for many years. In this technology, the polymer phase – known as latex – is composed of high molecular weight polymer particles dispersed in water and stabilized by surfactants obtained by emulsion polymerization of acrylic and vinyl monomers. During the drying of paint, these latex particles need to coalesce and form a uniform film, requiring the use of coalescing agents. There is currently a growing demand for coalescing agents that are considered low-VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), and which can also offer high performance properties, such as dirt pick-up resistance, reduced blocking, and low-leaching. To express this commitment, Oxiteno has developed the coalescent ULTRAFILM® 5000, which aims to meet these market demands, due to it´s high interaction with the latex polymer.