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Increased ethanol production with the same capacity

During sugarcane ethanol production, foam is an unwanted but inevitable side effect, which causes an increase in production time, occupying up to 40% of the useful volume of the fermentation tanks, and can result in ethanol losses due to spills.

Antifoamers optimize the ethanol production. These polyglycols destabilize the foam, facilitate its breakdown and so increase the ethanol production.

SURFCANE® AF 55 is a high-performance antifoamer that maintains the effective control of the foam volume in the tanks for a long period even at low dosages.

In addition, SURFCANE®AF 55 is a low-toxicity, non-corrosive product whose physical-chemical properties meet the market needs, facilitating its use in the most diverse foaming conditions.


  • Premium performance
  • Long-lasting foam retention
  • Effectiveness in low doses
  • Reduction in the consumption of defoamers
  • Low Carbon Footprint
  • Cost Benefit

Contact our team of specialists to find out more.