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Highly compatible, mild surfactant

The GLUCOSURF® line comprises a series of alkyl polyglucosides – non-ionic surfactants whose polar group is glucose and the non-polar group are fatty alcohols, both raw materials from natural sources that are 100% renewable. In addition to being easily biodegradable, the line is suitable for sulfate and preservative-free formulations.

Their high compatibility with all grades of surfactants (anionic, amphoteric, cationic and other non-ionic) allows them to be used as primary surfactants or co-surfactants in a wide variety of hygiene and personal care products, combining cleansing properties and good formation foam. GLUCOSURF® 100, for example, improves the initial foam volume (“flash foam”) and the foam stability over time (final foam volume).

Product line:

GLUCOSURF® 100 and GLUCOSURF® 550: excellent foaming and solubilizing properties with superior emulsification and thickening capabilities.

GLUCOSURF® 120: its main properties are emulsification, detergency, and thickening of the formulation. Synergistic and thickening effects can be obtained, especially when combined with CAPB, SLS, and SLES.

GLUCOSURF® 810: feature superior properties of reducing surface tension, detergency, wetting, dispersion and compatibility, and especially foaming. It also has a high resistance to alkalis and electrolytes and can solubilize other less soluble ingredients present in the formulations.


  • Smooth and non-irritating
  • Easy handling and cold incorporation
  • Made from renewable raw materials
  • Highly compatible
  • Biodegradable
  • Stability over a wide pH range


  • Shampoos
  • Liquid soaps
  • Shower gels
  • Bath foams