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Versatile and transparent with a smooth feel

OXIFLOW® S 6800 is a rheological modifier with excellent results in sulfate-free and diluted formulations. The technology contributes to the development of transparent formulations and creamy foams, in addition to providing greater softness and conditioning power. It also enhances the thickening of surfactant-based aqueous systems, enabling a distinguished sensory feel for the formulations.

These properties, as well as the fact that the solution does not require neutralization and therefore can be easily incorporated into the formulations, make OXIFLOW® S 6800 an excellent option for rheological modifiers. The streamlining of processing time also contributes to a reduction in energy consumption

Resourceful, it is compliant with a wide variety of formulation chassis and can be applied in shampoos, shower gels, and foams, liquid soaps, facial cleansers, intimate soaps.

And, thanks to its smoothness, the OXIFLOW® S 6800 is also suitable for use in products for sensitive skin or children.


  • Shampoos;
  • Shower gels;
  • Bath foams;
  • Liquid soaps;
  • Facial cleansers;
  • Intimate soaps.

General benefits:

  • Easy handling and cold incorporation;
  • Mild, non-irritating;
  • High level of transparency in formulations;
  • Effective in sulfate-free or diluted formulations.