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2-in-1 solution that ensures high-solid latexes and paint stability

In paints, mainly water-based ones, systems are very complex with several components, which, under normal conditions, would not form a homogeneous solution. That is why surfactants are essential for the formulation of paints. They stabilize the system and aid in several properties and application features of the paint. They are essential for the emulsion polymerization process and, in the final paint, during the pigments and fillers dispersion process. In both processes, they act as system stabilizers.

The OXIMULSION® emulsifier line comprises APE-free primary surfactants for emulsion polymerization (e.g. acrylic, styrene-acrylic, and vinyl-acrylic) and resin emulsification (e.g. alkyd). They allow the formulator to obtain latex with controlled particle size, high stability, high solids and good performance while attending market needs such as low toxicity and low VOC. These enhancements, such as high solids formulations, bring economic benefits to the entire chain.

The OXIMULSION® B 1000 emulsifier is a highly efficient solution for acrylic and styrene-acrylic latex. Its unique feature can be used as a single surfactant, simplifying logistic and formulation processes. A 2-in-1 solution that ensures the paint’s high performance and stability.
The product allows the development of high-performance emulsions, as it controls particle size, creating formulations with high stability, both mechanical and electrolytic, and minimizing the formation of clots and maximizing the formulation’s solids.


  • Superior performance to alkylphenol ethoxylate- surfactants;
  • High particle controland conversion rate;
  • Low VOC;
  • Low toxicity;
  • Latexes with high solids content.