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APE-free wetting agents for water-based architectural paints

The OXITIVE® 7000 series comprises APE-free wetting agents (alkylphenol ethoxylate). During the manufacture of paints, it allows the use of a high solids content and improves the dispersion process. In tinting systems, it delivers better incorporation and compatibility with colored pigments.

Pigment dispersion process

One of the most critical steps during the manufacture of paints is the pigment dispersion process, due to its complexity and demand for time and energy. Aggregates and pigment agglomerates must be broken down so that the formulation achieves high performance in the final application.

The OXITIVE 7000® additive line reduces the mill base’s surface tension, enabling the incorporation of pigments and mineral fillers in the medium, even when used in low dosages.

Consisting of APE-free wetting agents (free of alkylphenol ethoxylate), the line also reduces the mill base’s viscosity, enabling the greater incorporation of fillers and pigments during the dispersion process. During the manufacture of paints, it allows the use of a high solids content and improves the dispersion process.

Tinting systems

In tinting systems, it is important to increase the compatibility of various types of pigments to ensure the development of colors for different paint formulations.

The OXITIVE® 7000 line acts as an aid in the compatibility between the different pigment pastes used in tinting systems.

Why choose the OXITIVE® 7000 series?

  • It aids in the grinding process with high contents of fillers and pigments;
  • It is compliant with colored pigments in tinting systems;
  • It performs in various types of formulations;
  • Flexibility in terms of HLB;
  • APE-free and silicone free.

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